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The RRZE Icon Set in the Press

Press releases

RRZE Tango Icon Set

The Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (RRZE) first published its icon set on 11.08.2008, providing icons specific to IT topics in Tango style.
Read the press release (~ 76 kB) for details (2008-08-11).

RRZE Icon Set

On 18.05.2010 - nearly a year after the intial publication - the Icon Set has been developed to the "RRZE Icon Set". In addition to the tango style icons, it contains several icons in other designs. The total amount of icons has more than doubled.
Read the press release (~ 76 kB) for details (2009-08-29).


Poster draft EUNIS 2009

It was planned to publish a poster on the RRZE Tango Icons Set at EUNIS 2009. Due to heavy work load we decided not to present the poster this year.
You can download the draft (~ 2 MB).


Article in "BI" 80

The RRZE publishes a user information magazine called "Benutzer Information - BI" bi-annually.
In volume 80 (November 2008), it contained an article on the RRZE Icon Set on page 12. Unfortunately in German only.
See the orginal pdf (~ 12 MB) or the following translation:
RRZE published icon set for free use … and they dance a tango. Without pictograms our virtual world would be impossible to imagine. You need “icons” - that is how they are called in the computer world - for data manager, interface, websites, a nicer desktop, for personal scripts and many more uses. Catchy, highly self explanatory and with a high re-identification rate, our icons provide our customer to identify with the offered products. From a wide range of icons at no charge, which are offered on the internet, one icon set stands out: the extensive and very uniformly created “Tango Icon Set” has been developed especially for Open Source applications and is available for the use in various topics. The RRZE has now created its own icon set and published it for free use on the internet. The icon collection is based on the field of IT-technology, especially for user administration. The collection includes, among other things, icons for different user types, server applications, status and classifications. The icons have been developed within the Identity Management Project (IDMone) where they are used for the user web front end. The collection will be continuously extended and can be downloaded under http://tango.freedesktop.org/RRZETango- Set in .png and .svg format. It can also be used for personal projects. The Creative Commons Licence 3.0 has to be regarded. More details on the licence can be found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ by-sa/3.0/

Experience reports

In the RRZE "Projects & Processes" Blog our designers are reporting on their experiences made while working on the RRZE Icon Set with the famous open source vector graphics software Inkscape.
Stay tuned for updates on http://www.blogs.fau.de/PP/topics/Inkscape/.