• Version: 2.5

Introduction to the RRZE Icon Sets

New: the monocrom icon set!

The Regional Computing Centre of Erlangen (RRZE) presents a new icon set: monocrom.

MONO, mon.crom, monocrome. Several times the name for the new, monochrome icon set has been changed.
monocrom finally is a new set, which (despite a few exceptions) consists of completely white shapes.
Like the tango styled RRZE Icon Set, monocrom is also specialized for IT topics.
The reason for a new icon set was the revision of several RRZE's websites.

To prevent the the new, clear design from being destroyed by colorful, flashy icons, new icons were necessary.
monocrom was born.
With concrete shapes, abstract processes and functions are shown, which are, though completely colorless, easily understandable for the user.
Bit by bit the icons from the RRZE Icon Set are going to be transfered to the monocrom set. To keep an overview the icons are divided into the following subfolders: actions, emblems, logos and status.
The icons are available in .svg and .png format and can be downloaded directly from the monocrom gallery

The icon set is licensed under the Creative-Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence 3.0.
Therefore interested designers can use the collection for their own creations, starting with this release.


The Regional Computing Centre Erlangen (RRZE) provides an icon set especially created for IT topics. The set is free to use under the Creative-Commons-Licence.

This icon collection includes, in particular, the topic

  • "user administration" and
  • further common IT-topics.

There is one icon set with the different types of users and one with various server applications. Additionaly, there are icons for status notifications and classifications. The icons were created within the RRZE Identity Management Project and are used amongst others for the Web-Front-End application.

During the development, different styles - from comic via simple grafic symbols to (almost) photo-realistic designs - were tried. In the end, the nearly photo-realistic designs were chosen, because they were found to have the best re-identification and looked the most modern.

The current icons' style is based on the Tango Desktop Project, but has been adjusted to the needs of the RRZE.

The collection is continously expanding.

The icons are created with the open source software Inkscape and are provided as ".svg" as well as ".png" in different resolutions. They can be downloaded individually from the gallery or as a complete icon-set from the download page.